Poll: 47 Percent of Maryland Residents Want to Move Out of State

Few planning on doing so, however, according to a recent Gallup poll.

Nearly half of Maryland residents polled say they would like to move out of state. File|Patch
Nearly half of Maryland residents polled say they would like to move out of state. File|Patch

Nearly half of Maryland residents say they want to move out of state, but few are actually planning on doing so, a new poll out this week says.

The Gallup poll shows 47 percent of Free State residents want to leave – the third highest percentage of the 50 states. And, to pile on the insults, Maryland ranked fourth on the list of states where residents said they were likely to actually move in the next year – 17 percent said they plan to pack their bags.

The findings are from a 50-state poll, conducted June through December 2013, which includes at least 600 representative interviews with residents aged 18 and older in each state.

On average, 33 percent of residents told poll takers that they wanted to leave their home state. In Illinois and Connecticut, 50 and 49 percent of residents said they wanted to leave, respectively – the highest percentages nationwide.

By contrast, just 23 percent of Montana, Maine and Hawaii residents wanted to leave, the lowest percentages nationwide.

Patch Editor Daniel Nee contributed to this story.

RoseAnn C. Spalt May 19, 2014 at 04:42 PM
47% of who, the people they polled? How many people were in that poll? They did not poll the entire state. No one asked me and I'm a Maryland resident with no plans to ever leave.
amdactivist May 19, 2014 at 05:08 PM
http://www.quintonreport.com/2014/05/05/baltimore-sun-late-to-the-party-on-47-story/ the 47% are mostly taxpayers that are forced to support non taxpayers. They are citizens who are forced to support non citizens at a cost of more then $2 billion a year in md. They are tired of living in Baltimore where homicide ranks 8th place in our country. They tired of paying very high utility bills that have outrageous taxes,fees associated with them whether you use it or not. Had water turned off for 4 months because we left md to find another home. Water bill was $116 for 3 months. $36.00 minimum whether you use it or not and the rest for bay restoration, sewer costs and so on. We tired of all our permits, paperwork,mva being doubled and our tolls tripled and gas tax among the highest. We don't like our weapons being taxed or forced to give away yet our politicians that voted for gun control either own a weapon or have a body guard. This state has declined for years under democrat control from legislators who are nothing but sell outs. Their last obnoxious vote was the bathroom bill that will allow a man to use ladies room. The rain tax will force many of business's to leave md. We lost more then 10k since omalley elected. The flush tax is another laughable pos. Can't wait to omalley passes crap tax so we can deliver it in person to his mansion.
jnrentz1 May 19, 2014 at 07:56 PM
The worst governmental employer I worked for was Maryland.
Maryellen Brady May 19, 2014 at 08:48 PM
Its interesting that those who are so interested in leaving MD are doing so in their RETIREMENT YEARS, after they have earned good money at decent jobs, educated their children in Mds. first rate public school system and have saved for their retirement because good govt pensions and retirement income opportunities. It takes 10 years for every new residential unit to begin paying for MD expenses forward. So, the first 10 years, someone lives in MD, they are riding on the bounty of those who paid and paved the way. MD has a standard of living far above any of the Southern states including VA, NC, GA,AL. All of them are taker states, they impoverish their people, deny them humane living conditions and then brag about their cheap living environment. Their justice system is in a shambles, their school systems deny climate change and teach creationism as science. Clearly the old adage applies, you get what your pay for and in MD, the quality of life of all its citizens are superior to many of its neighbors.
DW June 20, 2014 at 01:06 PM
The previous post had major NEGATIVE "generalizations" about Southern States. And as any educated individual knows "generalizations" are easy to put out there, but how about backing those "generalizations" about other Southern Sates with some facts please? Why can't the same "generalizations" be applied to Maryland also? You get what you pay for? With ALL the taxes Maryland residents pay, would you say "they get what they pay for"? Apparently 47% don't think so! LOL!


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