VIDEO: Montgomery Village Man In Demand As Obama Look-alike

Larry Graves, a professional look-alike for the president, is in high demand during inauguration season, The Huffington Post reports.

If you've done a double-take in Montgomery Village thinking you've recently seen President Obama you may not be alone.

Larry Graves, a Montgomery Village resident, has been working as a professional look-alike for Obama since the president's 2008 election and is in high demand for appearances during inauguration season, The Huffington Post reports.

"It's definitely a busy time," Graves said, according to the report. "Between the campaign season and the inauguration, it's been prime time. Barack Obama is a respectable guy. People want to have him at their parties."

Graves uses the act—complete with a mock-Obama voice and actors serving as Secret Service agents—to supplement his income as a substitute art teacher.

The presidential lookalike averages around $1,100 per appearance, Graves' manager said, according to the report, and Graves has been averaging about two-to-three requests each week before the inauguration.

Read the full story on The Huffington Post.


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