A Full Understanding of WECA

WECA does not take any positions or make any representations that do not receive the full support of the Executive Board.

I feel compelled to respond to the blatant misinformation and outright falsehoods that are being circulated about the West End.      

First, West End Citizen's Association operates strictly in accordance with its charter and by-laws. All residents of the West End are automatically included as members of WECA. WECA meetings are conducted in an open and transparent manner where everyone has a chance to make their opinions known. 

WECA does not take any positions or make any representations that do not receive the full support of the Executive Board, which is comprised of a large and diverse group of neighborhood block captains and officers. All official minutes and notices are available to on the Web site, www.weca.us. Assertions to the contrary are unfounded and can easily be disproved.      

Assertions that WECA is hostile to development is also categorically false. WECA believes that the best land use decisions are based on an open process of collaboration among all stakeholders, including residents of the neighborhood. WECA has historically supported residential developments, such as Rose Hill, Rose Hill Falls, Chestnut Lodge and Thirty Oaks, as well as business and commercial developments in the Town Center, and charitable efforts such as the Rainbow Place shelter and the Kaseman Health Center, to name only a few. WECA seeks to partner with developers who are interested in projects that will enhance the neighborhood and will maintain the quality of life that Rockville residents enjoy. 

The idea of a neighborhood came from a discussion among City Council members about historic preservation. A former city staff member who worked closely with the Lincoln Park neighborhood on such a project came to WECA and introduced the topic to the Executive Board recently. Such projects require the written agreement of 85 percent (that’s right, 85 percent) of property owners, so it is both laughable and sad that others would engage in fear-mongering about any unwelcome imposition of such a plan.    

A small group is engaging in an outrageous attempt to hijack a neighborhood association in the service of commercial special interests and their narrow political agenda.    

Residents should repudiate their disingenuous tactics and come out and support the WECA officers who have been properly and transparently nominated by the WECA governing body.

Thank you.

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Marian Hull May 18, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Bowman's position is blatantly antidemocratic, short sighted, narrow minded. William Pumphrey began a successful business in R. in early 1800s; he & his family have remained, evolved its services to meet needs of Rockville community for almost 200 years. I have no biological or personal relationship with Pumphreys. Pumphreys’ has provided invaluable services to my family in assisting us with 4 deaths in my lifetime and they will lay me to rest in future. I am certain they have aided many families in our city & county for years. The incredible statement made by Mayor Marcuccio in her official capacity: Pumphreys should "just leave town" was totally irresponsible. In spite of her long residency and claims of support of qualities making Rockville a desirable place to live, just stupid. She is also stating she is lacking sufficient regard for citizens of areas beyond her East Rockville neighborhood. Several members of WECA (specifically official new slate) appear to stand with the mayor’s position. I do think Pumphreys, Historic Commission & near neighbors could (can) reach an agreement to ease their parking needs & reduce impact on residents of Williams Street. Robin Corridon, resident of Rockville & WECA, has the right to support such a worthy business. Marian Hull
Theresa Defino May 19, 2012 at 03:10 PM
Susan, in your lengthy response, why did you fail to correct the statements that the alternative slate was an "outrageous attempt to hijack the election" in this post when you know that is false? Did you approve this post by the Shipleys, which you know makes false claims? Did the other members of the WECA slate approve of this false post?
Theresa Defino May 19, 2012 at 03:11 PM
The bylaws allow for an alternative slate. Contrary to how you ran the meeting on Wednesday they also allow for a written ballot. Were you all so afraid of losing that you had to manipulate members in this way? None of this will be pass without objections.
Theresa Defino May 19, 2012 at 03:13 PM
It was quite a show, was it not? A mob stirred up by who knows what misinformation like that posted here.
Theresa Defino May 19, 2012 at 03:57 PM
It was posted on behalf of WECA. It sure would take some "chutzpa" to post without official approval wouldn't it?


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