Costco Confirms Wheaton Opening Date

When will Costco open in Wheaton? The date has finally been announced.

Update, Feb. 19: The Wheaton Costco is now scheduled to open April 10 instead of April 12, according to a spokeswoman for Costco.

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It's the question almost everyone in the area has been asking for the last four months: When will Costco open?

The suspense is over. A Costco official has said that the warehouse store in Westfield Wheaton will open April 12.

The date has been posted on Costco's website in the "New Locations" section, and Erich Brann, director of real estate development for Costco, confirmed it with Patch.

Costco's originally scheduled October 2012 opening was delayed because of unspecified construction issues.

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Westfield Wheaton has already had Costco signage in place around the mall property for months, with a "coming soon" notice affixed. The membership warehouse store will inhabit the anchor spot previously occupied by Hecht's department store.

After the delays in the fall, the Costco store was  according to a transcript of an earnings call by the Costco Wholesale Corporation CEO.


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Danila Sheveiko February 13, 2013 at 05:37 PM
Dear Dawn Aero: If you truly have an open mind on this, like you claim, I urge to check out the details on air quality and health at www.stopcostcogas.org. Let us know if your mind has changed afterwards!
Dawn Aero February 14, 2013 at 01:26 AM
I work in the environmental area and most of these "facts" don't pass the laugh test. Sadly, it's a proven fact the majority of Americans don't even believe in climate change- voodoo science, just ask Sen. Inhoff who is only one among many. But unless you bite the bullet and pay a lot more for a vehicle and the power to run it (plug in) and then want to pay double for the electricity for it to be renewable you aren't putting your money where your mouth is. Just say no never works. Most of your indicated website's concerns could be said for the mall in general- which has been there for decades.
Ktown mom February 15, 2013 at 05:23 PM
Rather than NIMBY, I consider it to be NBTSFDK, not by the school for disabled kids. The gas station may make sense, just not in this location, near a public school for students with special needs, includimg some that are medically fragile and on oxygen.
Esther French February 19, 2013 at 03:13 PM
Update: Costco has changed its opening date http://patch.com/A-2cRZ
Noreen Carroll March 07, 2013 at 07:24 PM
Like millions of other people who grew up in the northeast, I find this fear of contamination incredibly funny....except that it's so pathetic. As a child, the river that ran through our town never froze because of chemical waste, and we managed to survive and thrive. I run a 1000 acre+ no-till 100% organic farm and what occurs naturally in soils is little different than the potential threat of a gas station. Yes, your organic food contains levels of lead, arsenic and a host of other contaminants -- they exist naturally in the earth. "Caring" so much for your children may do more harm than good; allergies, asthma, and wicked bacterial infections in this country have risen dramatically as we scrub, bleach and decontaminate every possible surface.


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