She Found a 70-Year-Old Relic in the Attic and Turned it Into Christmas Magic

An old train replica is rescued from obscurity to come alive again at Christmas. What's your holiday tradition?

Share your holiday traditions in a blog post on Patch. (Photo Credit: Jane Reville)
Share your holiday traditions in a blog post on Patch. (Photo Credit: Jane Reville)
It's a season to celebrate traditions and dig out the old treasures to put them on display for the holidays. Blogger Jane Reville wrote about the excitement of a restoring an old train set with a new engine.

"The train had been in the attic collecting dust since it failed to run over fifty years ago," wrote Reville. "It had been purchased by my father in the forties and it was one of the first model trains to honor the streamlined steam locomotives that pulled freight or passengers in the 1930s." 

Reville wrote that the Golden Marx Mercury Stream Line Passenger Train was "rescued" by a man who helps in the Christmas Train Garden display at Marley Station Mall in Anne Arundel County. Click here to read her full blog post and description of the train making its way through the villages and around the track.

Do you have a holiday tradition to share? We invite you to share your insights on Patch. Community contributions—whether it’s sharing photos with Santa, family rituals or reflections of thanks—are a hugely important part of Patch. This is especially true during the holiday season.

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