Accounting Myths 101

Accounting Myths 101- Answers to often asked questions concerning Accountants.


I am NOT an accountant. Not to say that "accountant" is a bad word, but I often find that people associate accountants with several widely believed myths, and it truly is not their style, as much as you think it is. So several fun filled myth- busters about accountants:


They are rarely huddled at their own desk. 

These people are traveling around, taking care of their clients, listening to music, learning the businesses that they need to take care of. If you own a boat, and it begins to sink, make sure you save your accountant, they'll be able to tell you how to manage your money around that loss.


They don't just care about money.

As i mentioned in the first myth, accountants learn about their clients' businesses. They become more than walking calculators, they become trusted advisors that encourage the growth of business as well as educating their clients on people management, HR practices, and other important tools for success. 


Accountants are friendly.

I don't want to cast them in the light of "teddy bear" material, as I have never hugged an accountant (as far as I know) but I often hear that people are afraid to work with an accountant because they feel like they will be under scrutiny and will not be "helped." I'm sorry to inform you that accountants work with people all day. They require good speaking and people skills to be a better service to their clients. 


They do go on vacation.

It's probably my favorite myth. "Accountants don't go on vacation. They're at their desk 24/7" ... Nope. They're never on vacation in April, but that's about it as far as the "no vacation" policy. Accountants save money to go to beaches, trips to Europe, ziplining, and boating. 


CPAs and Regular Accountants are the Same Thing.

CPAs pass a rigorous examination and qualifications to meet higher expectations than other accountants. They are the elite of the accounting world, given more responsibility than just crunching numbers. They are the Jedi. But without the cool lightsabers. Give it another few years though. I can't think of anything cooler than a Jedi Accountant. Bzzzt.


I know accounting isn't always the most interesting thing in the world, but I know plenty of funny stories about accountants and business advisors. What's important are their capabilities to influence and inspire the business world, helping to improve our economy, giving us a fighting chance for the future. 


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