Boyfriend, Corn Chips Stand in the Way

Five pounds down, 32 to go.

I’ve been at this for a month now. My battle with pizza and cheese is won. I’ve even avoided ice cream—for the most part. (Certain times of the month call for ice cream therapy). And I’ve almost forgotten what coffee tastes like.

Here’s my first monthly goal checkup:

Drink more than 90 ounces of water a day by Jan. 22 I figure I’m still at around 70 ounces.
Eat at least 75 percent raw and vegan by the end of the month. I’d say I’m at about 65 percent – Darn these carb cravings! Do a 100 percent raw food detox for one week at the end of January. I start next week. Lose 37 pounds by June. I’ve lost five so far. Cut out 99 percent of processed sugar and coffee. Most of the time I achieve this. Exercise five times a week for at least 30 minutes. I’m at a solid three times a week. Improve my skin. I barely get so much as a blemish anymore—and the eczema on my legs has almost vanished.

A bonus: Although it wasn’t a goal, I’ve noticed that while eating more raw foods I’ve felt more calm and upbeat. Of course I have to fight junk food cravings sometimes, but definitely feel better all around. Conversely, when eating fatty processed foods I noticeably feel more anxious and down.

Diet Obstacle No. 1: Corn Chips

Progress has been made, new recipes tried, but I don’t feel I’m as far as I’d like. One of my big downfalls is salty, crunchy corn chips. They go with everything—hummus, salads, soup—and are wonderful on their own. I eat pretty healthy meals and allow myself a chip or two—but that chip or two has been turning into several handfuls a night. I know, I know! The chips are now finally in the trash can, and I’ll soon be getting a dehydrator that I can use to make crispy snacks, hopefully making up for my soon-to-be corn chip deficiency.

Diet Obstacle No. 2: Boyfriend

An even bigger nemesis may be eating out with my boyfriend. 

He loves Korean, Japanese and McDonald’s. He might even be a little afraid of vegan fare. I’m a Thai, Indian and now a raw food follower.

I guess food opposites attract.

Needless to say finding a restaurant we both agree on is hard. Last weekend we agreed on Mama Lucia in Olney. Great food! But the penne with vodka sauce, garlic bread and salad put me into carb coma. Maybe, just maybe, this is why I’m not losing more weight.

I also had my first cappuccino in weeks. I think it’s alright to splurge once in a while. But that one drink made me feel like I was having a panic attack. My heart started racing and my skin dried out right away. I’m very sensitive to caffeine and sugar, especially now that I hardly ever have it. That caffeine shot kept me up hours past midnight—much later than I normally go to sleep. 

One of my goals should have been to convert my boyfriend to the raw food lifestyle.

Back to reality.

I’m just going to have to not go out to eat as much, or learn to be happy with a salad at most restaurants. Not a welcome prospect.

Trying to eat raw meals takes an extra 30 minutes of preparation a day, and often feels restrictive. Sometimes I just don’t care. But, glimpses of the benefits, like I saw at the Raw Food Institute, and the way I feel when actually eating mostly make me want to continue. I strongly believe that the benefits will outweigh the effort, and will keep on trying. 

Preparing for Detox

In an effort to support that goal and to give my system an extra lift, I will start a total raw food detox next week.

For my next steps, I consulted with Marietta Amatangelo, a registered dietician at the George Washington Center for Integrative Medicine and at 2 Nourish Inc., her private practice based in the upcounty.

Amatangelo, a Germantown resident, said I should start drinking more spring or filtered water, taking antioxidants, a multivitamin, Omega-3 fatty acid supplements, and milk thistle and dandelion herbs to help strengthen my immune system so it will be better able to remove toxins during the fast.

She also said to eliminate caffeine, smoking, and eating any foods that are toxic. However, green tea is still OK to drink. Minus my corn chip obsession and buying the herbs and vitamins, these items are already complete!


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