Solomatin Acquitted of Attempted Murder

Three-day trial stemmed from argument over a gas pump that ended in gunfire.

A jury found Dmytro Solomatin not guilty of second-degree attempted
murder but guilty of first-degree assault and two misdemeanor weapons offenses.

The jury delivered its verdict in Montgomery County Circuit Court on Thursday. The three-day trial stems from an argument over a gas pump at Freestate gas station in Germantown on Aug. 6, which escalated into a fistfight and ended in gunfire.

According to his own testimony, Solomatin, 26, of Reston, Va., fired a 9 mm gun in the direction of Michael Rickley, the man he fought. No one was shot. The bullet struck the tire of Rickley’s Volkswagen Rabbit.

Judge Ronald Rubin released Solomatin on his own recognizance Thursday pending a sentencing hearing.

Defense attorney Scott Rolle said he was satisfied with the not guilty verdict and said there wasn’t enough evidence to show Solomatin intended to kill Rickley. Assistant state's attorneys Eric Nee and Douglas Wink maintained Rickley used more force than necessary by firing the shot.

A first-degree assault conviction can carry a sentence of 25 years, according to Maryland law.

In Solomatin’s case, the conviction of transporting a handgun would carry a mandatory sentence of at least five years. Use of a handgun in a commission of a felony also carries a mandatory sentence of at least five years, the law states.

Ivan Stang January 20, 2012 at 02:41 PM
I live near there and the place is really going down the tubes. People who go get gas tend to stay at pumps longer as if camping there forever. Or when you are boxed in at the pump and the guy in front of you is done pumping and has paid for his gas and just stares at you in his rear view mirrior tempting you to try and do something. The whole place is just being filled with losers and thugs and all kinds of failed mentailty types that really begs you to wish them to go see a psychologist.
jnrentz1 January 22, 2012 at 02:58 PM
Ivan Stang is correct. Unfortunately the kind of behavior he describes occurs all over Montgomery County. And with the conviction of Mr. Solomatin, so much for self defense.
Tanya March 09, 2012 at 07:10 PM
"so much for self defense." really? how do you kow he wasn't one of the "losers and thugs"


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