Brickyard Site No Longer Slated for Soccer Fields

The county school board voted to cancel its lease of the Brickyard site in Potomac with the county, which had planned to develop the site with soccer fields.

POTOMAC—The Brickyard Road property in Potomac—owned by Montgomery County Public Schools and leased for use as an organic farm for the past three decades—is no longer being considered for lease to the county, which intended to turn it into soccer fields, MCPS announced Tuesday night.

In a letter to the county school board on Tuesday, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett (D) wrote that the county was relinquishing the county's lease on the site, and that the county no longer intends to develop the property for recreational purposes.

The site—once slated for a middle school—has been the focus of months of controvery and legal wrangling. A group of Potomac activists, residents and farm supporters want the site to be maintained as an organic farm and educational site. They say the lease agreement with the county was executed without full public transparency, Patch reported.

On Tuesday evening, at a special closed-door school board session, the school board voted to cancel its lease of the land to the county. "The property is now in the possession of the Montgomery County Board of Education and remains a future school site," the statement said.

Nick's Organic Farm leased the property for the past 32 years, and for the past few years, the Brickyard Educational Farm on the property helped local kids learn about where their food comes from.

But when the lease was up, the land was to be leased to the county and turned into soccer fields. 

Click here to read more about the controversy over the Brickyard Road site on Potomac Patch.

Earlier Tuesday, school security personnel began securing the property, cutting through fencing around the site and preparing to lock the property up, according to a statement from Save This Soil.

Sophia Maravell, founder of the Brickyard Educational Farm, said on Tuesday afternoon that "maybe the locks aren’t to keep us out, but to keep out the county, otherwise they would have locked Brickyard Educational Farm’s entrance."

East Ghost March 08, 2013 at 08:46 AM
One reason - never mentioned - behind this drawn-out (and not truly dead) attack is the United Nation's AGENDA 21. As the midwest is conveniently depopulated by the now constant, otherworldly storms, the masses are forced into cities - just exactly like the controllable, landless, penned-in sheep sought in large part by Socialist doctrine. Expect every inch to be fully developed by the government to its maximum tax advantage, and minimal humanity, anti-American value. If you're smarter than, or bored with, the daily (growing) idiocy and mind-numbing "correctness" of all popular media, why not join eastghost.com


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