Councilman Andrews: ICC Underused, Too Expensive

Montgomery County Council Member Phil Andrews proposes a cut in ICC tolls to get more drivers to use the road, NBC Washington reports.

Montgomery County Councilman Phil Andrews (D-Dist. 3), of Gaithersburg, says a deep cut in tolls would increase traffic on the Intercounty Connector and he's calling on the state to do it, NBC Washington reported.

Andrews says the $8 round-trip rush-hour toll is among the highest in the nation. He would propose "at least a trial period of several months, if not, a year when the tolls would be...cut in half, in hopes of doubling the traffic," according to the report.

A decision on the toll rate is up to the Maryland Transportation Authority.

A spokeswoman for the MTA told The Washington Post the ICC is meeting both traffic and revenue projections. The road was designed to carry traffic volumes projected for 2030, according to the report.

Andrews said he hopes that by cutting tolls in half, traffic would double and revenues would maintain their current rate.

Read the full story on NBC Washington.

Cyclone December 06, 2012 at 10:03 PM
I took the ICC yesterday morning. The traffic was suitable. Not heavy, but still enough. The road was built so that it would not reach capacity for 20 years. They don't want to have to start widening it a few years after it first opens. So it was over-built intentionally. No need to rush to congest it. Let the $8 idiots like myself pay for it. No sense in doubling the traffic to double the wear on the road just to bring in the same amount of revenue.


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