Early Voters Storm Back into Voting Booths Following Hurricane Sandy

More than 43,000 have voted early already in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties.


Due to the dangers of Hurricane Sandy, early voting locations were closed Monday and Tuesday -- but Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has now extended the early voting period through Friday for the entire state.

During the two days that early voting locations were open, prior to Hurricane Sandy's arrival, 43,629 voters took advantage in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties.

Montgomery County

According to data from the Maryland State Board of Elections 23,509 of the 616,016 eligible people voted early on October 27 and 28. Of those voters, 16,183 were registered Democrats, 2,821 Republican, 3,753 unaffiliated and the rest split between the Green, Libertarian and “Other” parties. Females so far are outpacing their male early voter counterparts, 13,892 to 9,607 (the remaining 10 were not specifically categorized in the data.)

Prince George’s County   

The State Board of Elections data show similar numbers in PG County. Of the 568,617 eligible people, 20,120 have taken advantage of early voting. Of those voters, 18,037 were registered Democrats, 606 were Republican, 1,141 unaffiliated and the rest from Green, Libertarian or “Other” parties. Females again seem to vote early more often than males, 13,156 to 6,942 (the remaining 22 were not specifically categorized in the data.)

Find the closest early voting location to you in Montgomery County or Prince George’s County.

Shellipe November 01, 2012 at 08:37 PM
My son registered at the DMV. He has checking online for his registration and there is nono. I called my local Board of Elections, Prince George's County and was told that there is the possibility that the databases are not being updated. They have no record of the registration form he filled out, he did have to give his party affiliation. Was it possibly trashed. This is a travesty. My son followed the following procedure per their websight. "1. When you apply in person for Driver Services product (e.g., license renewal). As part of the transaction, the Customer Agent (CA) will ask you to read and answer the voter registration questions displayed on the licensing system screen. At the end of the transaction, the system will print a voter registration application (form #SBE-03-202-5) when you: answer that you want to apply to register to vote; or report a change of address. After you are given the printed voter registration application form, complete and sign it, and then return it by one of the following methods: Give the form to an MVA employee. " I spoke to the board of elections and they indicated that this sometimes happens. I am outraged and will post this info as much as it takes.
Polly November 02, 2012 at 10:49 AM
paranoid much? perhaps he should have registered sooner? smh


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