O'Malley Weighs in on 'Homeland Security 3.0' at The State of Homeland Security Address

by Jocelyn Rubin | Capital News Service

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley weighed in on how the state's security could be impacted by sequestration at The State of Homeland Security address in Washington on Tuesday. The governor was just one of several people in attendance at the address where Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano laid out her plans for "Homeland Security 3.0."

Napolitano said the department is pursing a risk-based approach to threat assessment in areas like aviation, immigration, and cyber security. Cyber security is one of the department's five core mission areas that will be heavily impacted if the sequester cuts go into effect. O'Malley announced last Tuesday that more than 130,000 Marylanders are employed in the cyber industry.


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